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Getting started in ADAS!

If you are someone who has been working in the Automotive domain in various ECUs like power train ECUs, Infotainment, Instrument clusters, Body control etc and you are now getting started in the world of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), this article is for you!

ADAS is the way to go for automotive innovation in this decade and THE Safety solution for lesser car accidents on the road.

We have compiled here some extremely good articles and videos that can help you get started in ADAS.

Read, Watch them. Have fun learning!!

SAE Driving levels:

Overview of ADAS:

Complete course on Self-driving cars:

ADAS Features:


Reverse Parking Collision Avoid Assist:

Trained Parking:

Lane Keep Assist:

Emergency Steering Assist:

Auto park Assist:

Forward Collision Assist:

Automatic emergency braking:

Overview about Sensors:



USS and Radar:


Front Camera:

Surround View Camera:

Thermal Camera:


Simple handbook on Artificial Intelligence: