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8 Steps for a best-practice Software Safety Analysis

Software Safety Analysis (SSA) is a kind-of-a verification activity that is performed on the Software to prove that it achieves all the Safety goals and provides the required Independence and freedom from interference.  Quite often we have seen that it is not clear for Software teams on how to do this analysis and which parts of the Software should they set their focus on. Also, in many cases, the activity is started towards the fag end of the project nearly when the safety software development has been completed, treating it more as a paper work to be completed.                             In this article, we present an 8-step method for performing a meaningful analysis. Before applying the method, here are some aspects to keep in mind: Basis and stage of the analysis SSA must be performed during the Architecture stage, based on the static and dynamic aspects of the Architecture. This provides the opportunity to correct weaknesses at an early stage of the software development. Stati