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Functional Safety Systems Webinar

This is a recording of our Functional Safety Systems Webinar that was conducted on 10-November-2021. Click on the image below to download the webinar slides

8 Topics for Technical Safety Requirements

In this blog, we present a simple yet comprehensive approach of how to write a high-quality Technical Safety Requirement (TSR) document, which considers all the Safety relevant aspects of the System and sets the right direction for the Software and Hardware teams. To begin with, it is important to understand what is the difference between an FSR and TSR. FSR (Functional Safety Requirements) describe the WHAT , i.e., WHAT must be done to achieve Safety Goals. TSR describes the HOW . i.e., How the Safety requirements should be achieved. It describes the technical realization of the Functional Safety Requirements of the project. TSR is the starting point for SW and HW Safety. For a specific item, there are 8 topics that TSR should cover. The topics are: 1. Intended Functionality 2. Fault Handling 3. Graceful degradation and Safe State 4. Freedom from Interference and Independence 5. HW Metrics 6. Special cases 7. Production and Service 8. Fault Injection Testing 1. Intended Functionalit