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A Step-by-Step approach to Tools qualification

Anyone who has done a complete end-to-end safety development will definitely be familiar with tools qualification. Even if you have not done the complete safety life cycle and have just worked on a particular skills area (Skills = Systems or hardware or software), you would have supported the functional safety manager in the qualification of the software tools that are used by the systems, hardware or software team. As part of this blog, let us explore why we need tool qualification and as well define a systematic yet simple approach to performing tool qualification. Before we deep dive into the approach that needs to be followed for doing the qualification, let us understand the reason for doing such an activity. 1.1        Why do we need to qualify the tools? Given the complexity of the ECUs that we are presently working on, the development of an item will not be possible without the use of a variety of software tools. The software could be something that is used by the systems team