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Hello there! We are Nagesh, Sridhar and Sowmya. We are Functional Safety Engineers with a strong background on Software Architecture and Instrument Cluster Systems. We are extremely passionate about Safety. We brainstorm a lot, question processes, and think a lot about how to make work simpler and efficient.

Since we learnt Functional Safety the hard way (on-the-job, without trainings about ISO26262), we decided to write this blog to explain concepts in a simple manner. Our wish is to help new Engineers in understanding what Safety means in the Automotive world and how to build a Safe product.


Please note that any opinions expressed in the blog are our own and not related to any Organization (past/present/future).


We sincerely wish that You - Readers find the articles useful! Please feel free to leave your comments in the articles. Also, do let us know if u would like to understand any topic and we will write about it. ​

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